Ready For The Brownlow 2018
At The Brownlow 2018
Sarah, a rower, loves the natural look. Her rowing partner thinks its her natural color, no idea its a spray tan.

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Big thank-you to for the bronzing of my fair skin tonight. Elaine, you are da bomb. Check em' out next time you want some of that sun kissed glow, ladies and lads xox #tan #sunkissed #spring #melbourne #elegantsprayrans #stkildaroad — with Elaine and Paul.

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Before and After
A massive thanks to Elegant Spray Tans for giving me a bit of "pre sun" before hitting the Bali beaches! 2 days after, 2 swims and 1 shower later and it's still just as awesome as when it was applied! Love it! ‪#‎elegantspraytans‬ ‪#‎bali‬ ‪#‎notimeforpastiness‬ ‪#‎elainesthebest

Enjoying a Break From Study at the Uni Ball
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Gorgeous Girls, Wonderful Tans, Sure To Be Breaking Hearts At The Uni Ball.
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The Beautiful Georgie, Libby, Tessa, Viannah, Daria and Ruby

Louella: "I have trusted Elaine with my tan for over two years. Elaine is arguably the most professional, reliable and flexible spray tanner and I can safely say her spray tans are always flawless and natural looking- I've not once felt 'orange' or patchy."
- Louella
Rachael: Getting a spray tan from Elaine and Paul are great examples of how things should be properly done when it comes to spray tanning!! The tan is beautiful and natural, and can actually last a full week!! 
Absolutely wonderful and kind people and they make u feel so comfortable! Recommend everyone to go there!, Rachael

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image-165102-Hayley B4 n Afta.jpg?1416123727407
Hayley Before and After
Big thanks to #elegantspraytans for the awesome tan I got last week. I generally don't get spray tans for fear of looking orange but everyone I have spoken to about it over the week has been shocked that it's not real! Thanks Elaine, you are awesome! Xx

Jess wanted a spray tan for her 
sisters wedding, and here's the
result. Thanks for the pic Jes

image-211494-Adrianna Feedback Small.jpg?1421458818713
Adrianna wanted a natural looking tan, not too much on the face...

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Aisha via SMS
image-187786-Stella B4nAfter.jpg?1419067312868
Stella Before and After
Hair Salon Expo Melbourne
March 2015
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All Set And Ready To Go @ The Expo

image-275727-Busy again B.jpg?1425429823233
Very popular
We Were The Busiest Stand @ The Expo, Like this all Day
image-276107-Expo Team.jpg?1425453010675
Hair Salon Expo Group Pic
Thanks to Techno Tan for asking us to join you, was a lot of fun...
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Paul Spray Tanning
Anthony receiving an 'Ebony" spray tan (Legs Done). Ebony goes on dark, sets in 2 hours and has a smooth, natural look after washing off.
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Aish Kindly Gives Us A FaceBook Review
image-347577-True Local Review, Melanie.jpg?1429918497346
A review on True Local from one of our regular tanning clients Melanie
image-347579-Google Review, Matt.jpg?1429918768800
Another review from Matt on Google. Thanks Matt :-)